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    高中作文大全网-盼望着春天的来到作文|盼望着春天的来到 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-20 14:20
    盼望着,盼望着,盼了整整一个冬天。看,春天已经来到。Looking forward, looking forward, looking forward to the whole winter. Look, spring has come.风伯伯吹青了树的枝条,水娃娃漂白了鹅的羽毛。当我看见第一条小鱼时,我兴奋的去捕捉它,但又爱怜的放掉。春姑娘唤醒了冬眠的动物,带着它们一起游玩一起奔跑。她让我换上了春装,如同小鸟换上了新的羽毛。我,在小路上奔跑小学作文高中作文大全网,在草地上游戏。我,躺在小溪边,细细地听着小溪丁丁冬冬的琴声高中作文大全网,天空中的百灵鸟在为它伴奏。寂寞的老树变的年轻啦!它摇了摇枝条呼唤着小鸟。我突然发现高中作文大全网,我的身旁已长满小草。Uncle Feng has blown the branches of the tree, and the water doll has bleached the feathers of the goose. When I saw the first fish, I was excited to catch it, but I let it go. Spring girl wakes up the hibernating animals and takes them to play and run together. She let me put on spring clothes, like a bird with new feathers. I, run on the path, play on the grass. I, lying by the stream, listened to the tinkling of the stream in winter, and the lark in the sky accompanied it. Lonely old trees are young! It shook its branches and called out to the birds. I suddenly found that my side was full of grass.春天还有许许多多美丽而多彩的画面,只要你细心观察,你就会发现许多许多……There are many beautiful and colorful pictures in spring. As long as you observe carefully, you will find many
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