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  • 关于菊花的作文-体检作文|体检 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-24 19:10
    星期五那天下午,是我们最害怕的一个下午关于菊花的作文,因为要体检。Friday afternoon was the most frightening afternoon for us, because we had to have a physical examination.刚到门口的时候,我们后面的人都在说:别进去。”这时,王老师的头转了过来,我们只好进去了。When we got to the door, everyone behind us was saying, "don\t go in." At this time, Mr. Wang\s head turned and we had to go in.刚走进去,我就找到了一个人少的地方开始检查——眼睛。阿姨给我一个圆形的东西,让我遮住其中一只眼,另一只眼就睁着关于菊花的作文,阿姨的手指到哪个字母,我的手就跟着字母的方向比划一下,很快关于菊花的作文,眼睛就检查好了。As soon as I walked in, I found a place with few people and began to check my eyes. Aunt gave me a round thing, let me cover one eye, the other eye is open, aunt\s finger to which letter, my hand follows the direction of the letter to draw, soon, the eyes will be checked.我又去称体重。我刚走上去,那根针就飞快地指到了23”初中作文,体重也称好了。后来我又去检查了牙齿和鼻子等等。I\ll weigh again. As soon as I stepped up, the needle quickly pointed to "23", and I was also weighed. Then I went to check my teeth and nose and so on.终于检查好了,原来体检也没有我想的那么可怕呀!Finally, the physical examination is not as terrible as I thought!
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