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  • 寒假趣事作文-我和冬天有个约会作文|我和冬天有个约会 英语作文
    作者:佚名 发布时间:2020-09-28 19:10
    我们约会在池塘边,荷花枯萎了,无力地垂下了头。荷叶的边上变成了黄色。水面结成了冰,许多的小鱼在冰下自由自在地游来游去,许多顽皮的小孩在冰上快乐地滑冰,为寒冷的冬天带来了丝丝暖意。We dated by the pond. The lotus withered and hung its head powerlessly. The edge of the lotus leaf turned yellow. There is ice on the water surface. Many small fish swim freely under the ice. Many naughty children skate happily on the ice, bringing warmth to the cold winter.我和冬天有个约会。我们约会在大雪纷飞的操场上。雪花压弯了树枝,用手一碰,就像许多白色的羽毛落了下来,许多小孩在雪地上玩耍高中作文寒假趣事作文,堆起了雪人,玩起了打雪仗的游戏,头发上还飘着雪白的羽毛”。I have an appointment with winter. We are dating in the snowy playground. Snowflakes bend the branches and touch them with hands, just like a lot of white feathers fall down. Many children play in the snow, build up snowmen, play snowball wars, and have white "feathers" in their hair.我和冬天有个约会。我们约会在雪花飞扬的田野里,雪花为庄稼穿上了棉衣寒假趣事作文,为小麦盖上了棉被,庄稼们都被压弯了腰,好象在对雪花阿姨说:谢谢你,雪花阿姨”I have an appointment with winter. We dated in the fields where snowflakes were flying. Snowflakes put on cotton padded clothes for crops and quilts for wheat. The crops were all bent down, as if they were saying to Aunt snowflake, "thank you, aunt snowflake."我和冬天有个约会。我们约会在雪花飘飘的树林里,白色的雪花好似给树戴上了一顶白帽子,往日绿色的树变成了白色的塔。许多小动物冬眠在洞穴里寒假趣事作文,连活波的小松鼠也待在自己的屋子里了。I have an appointment with winter. We were dating in the snowy woods. The white snow seemed to put a white hat on the tree. In the past, the green tree turned into a white tower. Many small animals hibernate in caves, and even the living squirrels stay in their own house
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